The International Church of Orange County is a brand new church plant, and we are starting from the ground up every step of the way.  It really is exciting, challenging, and spiritually rewarding!  Another move of God is happening.  Planting a real church and building God’s house from the ground up allows different brothers and sisters in the body of Christ as a team to come along side me and others and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in a powerful authentic way.  The International Church of Orange County right here in sunny Southern California USA will have Holy Spirit led sharp solid strong loving theologically sound Authentic leadership from the top down.

If you don’t have a church home and your looking for a place to call home, join us, grow with us, be a part of our team, and help us build God’s house by enlarging His Christian Kingdom one step at a time.  Our “Statement of Faith” is pretty straight forward and Biblically sound.  With that being said, look around our website and If you can see yourself being a part of this heavenly move of God, just go to our “Contact” page and fill-out the contact form areas and let us know.  We will then send you via return email our “Membership Agreement.”

At which point, you will simply print it out, read it, fill it out, upon agreement enter into a “Holy Covenant” with our church The International Church of Orange County, and then scan it as a PDF document and email it back to us at our email address.  Welcome! You will then be an “Official Member” no matter where you live in this world.  All along this glorious journey we will send you church progress updates and new sermon video uploads so you can see God’s blessings at work in real time in an authentic church home that you are now a part of.

The holy spiritual doors of this church are open……

God Bless You,

Curtis W. Carter

Senior Pastor