Going To The ATM: A Transformed Mind Part 1


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Pastor Carter’s 2nd book “Part 2” in this series is the “Revised” edition of the same name coming soon.  Pastor Carter has added some new updates and a few more chapters in the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ with authenticity, authority, and power.  Get ready to get “ATM.”

This book is sold in 82internet book stores all over the world in 28-different countries and counting.  For example, in terms of the number of book stores USA-23, Canada-2, United Kingdom-5, Germany-5, France-3, Italy-1, Poland-4, Sweden-3, Switzerland-1, Finland-1, Denmark-1, Norway-4, Netherlands-1, Ireland-1, Romania-3, Bulgaria-1, Croatia-1, Lithuania-1, Czech Republic-1, Australia-6, New Zealand-1, Japan-1, Hong Kong-1, Brazil-3, Portugal-2, India-3, South Africa-2, Mexico-1,